Monday, January 23, 2012

According to the season, it is reasonable to try to plan a certain cosmetic surgery

Although performed year round, is there a better time of the year to have a certain plastic surgery done? According to the season, it is reasonable to try to plan a certain cosmetic surgery. December's a popular month for cosmetic surgery as many people have vacation time and there are plenty more options. To maximize the results of a cosmetic surgery  it's best to undergo certain procedures at certain time of the year allowing an appropriate time for safe recovery and conceal scars and swelling. Below is an outline of the different seasons of the year and surgeries that are appropriate.

Mid-December through March
This is an ideal time for just any surgery. The cooler weather makes it easy conceal swelling and bruising with layers of winter clothing. Turtle necks, hats and scarves help to hid the effects of a facelift, browlift and rhinoplasty. Sweaters help to camouflage the body changes as a result of breast augmentation boston, breast reduction, liposuction or tummy tuck. Rest and recovery are crucial for any type of plastic surgery. After any surgery, keeping away from strong sunlight is also very important after any operation. It's a lot easier to do during this time of the year. Also, it's a slow business period for many companies with long holiday weekends contributing to additional time off. Recommended surgeries are facelift, rhinoplasty, browlift, body contouring and breast enhancement procedures.

Spring:April through June
It's a very busy season for cosmetic surgery. This is the time of the year when people are preparing their body for the summer. Having a surgery during this time period people are able to enjoy the holidays and can still use some winter advantages. This also gives a bit of extra time to diet and exercise to lose the extra weight. Recommended surgeries for this time period are breast enhancemnt procedures, facial rejuvenation procedures and liposuction  and other body contouring procedures.

Summer : July through August
This time period is not recommended for plastic surgery unless you prefer to use summer vacation as a time to recuperate. However, this doesn't entail recuperating outdoors by the poolside or even in the shade. The summer sun and heat aggravates prolonged swelling or even bleeding post-op. Healing should be done in the air-conditioned comfort for 1-2 weeks. Immature scars shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight as they can get tan, making them more noticeable. Only minor procedures are recommended for this time period like Botox, fillers, etc.

Fall: September through early December
If you've maintained a balanced diet and an active exercise plan throughout the summer, you're at an ideal weight for maximizig results after a body contouring procedures. Surgeries done during this time allow to have a full recovery for the upcoming holidays. The best cosmetic surgeries for this season include: facial cosmetic surgeries, breast surgery and body contouring procedures.